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The theory behind the Instruction of Tang Soo Do was developed from it’s origin of history and philosophy, which is based from the unique and primary ancient martial art of Soo Bahk Do. Tang Soo Do blends the powerful, hard style straight line motions of Korean martial arts with the soft, circular flowing motions of ancient Chinese styles. As students continue to train, they are introduced to a holistic integration of other ancient developmental styles with both hard and soft techniques. The instruction of this style is disciplined, but neither harsh nor militaristic. Good positive attitudes are valued highly, as are strong morals, ethics and honor. Training is viewed as a process developing physical, mental and emotional well being. The instruction is designed to encourage Self Development, Self Confidence and Self Defense, but not for the glory of tournament competition.

Tang Soo Do differs from the variety of many other Martial Arts styles because it is very Traditional in many respects to it's origin, Soo Bahk Do. The benefits of all Martial Arts styles are very well known, all of them fall under the category for fitness. There are some Martial Art styles that are relatively recent inventions. Various Martial Art styles were created within the last century to promote "Sport Karate". Sport Karate and Mixed Martial Arts are designed to allow students to compete in tournaments and championships. Tang Soo Do primary emphasis is to retain the "Traditional" and beauty aspects representing the effectiveness of the Ancient Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do. Tang Soo Do instructors take students on a similar journey of internal, external and mental discovery that many ancient martial artist and warriors pursued for thousands of years that reaps with self development and self discipline. Using this ancient theory, a student's journey will start to unfold the true identity of health, flexibility, strength and well being. This style of martial art training will build a rich and more fulfilling balance of a good moral character. With this given respect, the student's enhancement goes far beyond fitness, which will evolve into Self Defense and Self Discipline. Tang Soo Do students are guided to learn in a noncompetitive and family environment to develop their own individual character, patience, respect for oneself and other qualities from this martial art training process.