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  1. Students are required to make use of the Rest Room Facilities BEFORE a class is in session. Students will NOT be allowed to use the rest room facilities during class sessions, unless if it is an extreme emergency.
  2. Students will not be allowed to participate in any given class session if they are suspect to any controlled substance abuse impairment. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination without refund. (The Belt Rank will be Revoked without refund is also a legal liability to this rule if the student is forced to be removed from a class session by any local or county law enforcement officer(s). This is also in effect for Parents/Guardians or a person of interest attending and observing a select student during a class session. (Please review violation declarations stated in the Student's waiver.)
  3. Students should not attend class if they feel they are ill or have an illness that is contagious that may infect other students. Students are allowed to miss classes and our black belts will work with them to achieve the next Testing date if the absence is limited to a short time. If the illness absence is excessive, the student may have to wait until the next assigned testing date.
  4. Clean Hygiene and uniform cleanliness is extremely important. All Participating students are REQUIRED to practice clean hygiene. Students found not practicing clean hygiene and cleanliness of his/her uniform will be observed and may not be allowed to participate in class activities at the Adult Black Belt's discretion. It is the Students responsibility to maintain their own clean hygiene and cleanliness of their uniform to respect the art of Tang Soo Do.
  5. Uniforms should strictly adhere to the Tang Soo Do regulations and should be kept clean and neat at all times. Uniforms must be properly folded when they are not in use.
  6. Abrasive Jewelry and necklaces are NOT allowed in the Dojang. Round non-abrasive Jewelry (similar to men's wedding bands) are permitted. Every Student is responsible to be free of all Jewelry if possible before entering the Dojang. Please keep your Jewelry in a protected area, Tang Soo Do Concepts will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. The removal of Jewelry is a necessity to preserve safety regulations observed by Tang Soo Do and to protect both the student and fellow students from serious injury that may possibly be inflicted by these items.
  7. Chewing gum, food or drinks are NOT permitted during any given class session. Non-alcoholic Drinks during a class break are allowed but not within the Dojang area. Soft Drinks, Sports drinks or bottled water must be in a plastic container that can be resealed to prevent spilling. (No glass or metal container products are allowed.)
  8. Students must NOT enter the Dojang area with shoes or socks on, unless permitted at the adult Black Belt's discretion. (Note: Ace bandages or other authorized foot protection due to an acquired injury are permitted)
  9. Students will bow in when entering the Dojang and bow out when exiting the Dojang. This action is required to acknowledge their place of instruction with respect.
  10. Students who are late for class will need to stand by the door or place of entrance to the Dojang until they are acknowledged by the Black Belt or senior instructor to be allowed into the class formation.
  11. Talking will NOT be allowed during a class session. The Student is allowed to talk and allowed to ask questions during a class session ONLY when he/she is permitted by the instructor. Questions will be limited to each individual students behavior to limit class interruptions.
  12. Absolutely NO profanity, obscene remarks, body language or laughter, these are all prohibited during any given class session. (#12 sentence is in effect for Parents/Guardians or person of interest attending and observing a selected student during a class session. Violators that are NOT a participating student will be asked to leave the class session if they become disruptive. This Rule is in effect to protect the participating students from class distractions and interruptions. Please review violation declarations stated in the Student's Waiver Form)
  13. Students will address Master Black Belts 4th Dan and over, as "Sabo Nim" and 3rd Dan and under Black Belts as "Kyosa Nim".
  14. Always answer "YES SIR" or "YES MA'AM" when responding to a Black Belt or Senior Gup member. Always treat all other fellow Student Gup Members with respect.
  15. Whenever a Master Instructor is holding a class session, all students will direct all attention toward his/her instruction with the outmost respect.
  16. There will be absolutely no horseplay before, during or after any class session.
  17. Every Student is expected to participate in ALL class activities as instructed by the Adult Black Belt instructors orders.(Exception for Students with acquired injuries: Tang Soo Do Concepts instructors will try and accommodate a participating student's physicians medical restrictions with regards to our safety guidelines) All participating students are expected to follow the Black Belt instructor's format of instruction with the enforced safety guidelines to protect both the student and others from injury. Students violating the enforced safety guidelines may be asked to perform "push-up" sets for their violations at the attending Black Belt instructor discretion. Any Student threatening or intending to harm another fellow student will be asked "sit-out" or may be asked to leave the Dojang at the attending adult Black Belt's discretion. Every participating Student is treated fairly and equally. Each individual student's safety and well being is of the outmost importance to every Adult Black Belt Instructor.(Please review violation declarations stated in the Student's Waiver)
  18. There must be an adult Black Belt present when sparring is engaged during a class session. ABSOLUTELY NO SPARRING WILL BE ALLOWED BEFORE OR AFTER CLASS! This will result in immediate termination.(Please review violation declarations stated in the Student's Waiver)
  19. Students will stand at ease, legs at shoulder width apart and hands behind their backs showing respect to the performing students routine skill sets of instruction. All students that are asked to stand at ease are not allowed to lean on walls or objects close to them, folding of the arms is NOT permitted.  Any signs or actions of laziness are strictly prohibited. Violators will be asked to perform "push-up" sets at the attending adult Black Belt's discretion if any of these actions are observed.
  20. The Martial Art of Tang Soo Do is designed to teach Self Respect, Respect for Others, Self Discipline, Self Defense and has a positive contribution to the mental and physical health of any individual student. The misuse or abuse of this martial art in a manner of intimidation or in a form of "bullying" towards any individual(s) is a negative reflection and disrespect to the art of Tang Soo Do and everything it represents. Any student found guilty of this improper behavior outside the Dojang boundaries will be terminated from class participation and his/her belt ranking will be nullified. Students will behave in a proper and respectful manner at all times, both inside or outside the Dojang and every day of their lives.



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