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This message update is intended especially for our current students and their families:


Larimer County has reverted back to Orange amid the COVID-19 Crisis.  We have scheduled to re-open the doors to Tang Soo Do Concepts at the Loveland Athletic Club on Monday February 1st 2021.  We look forward to see all of our current students to participate once again.  Our apologies to everyone, for the inconvenience of this COVID-19 Crisis has imposed.  We have a positive outlook for the future and we hope everyone has beat this crisis thus far.  The potential for this virus transmission still exists and the Loveland Athletic Club has asked for the same precautions to be taken seriously to participate at the Club.  Everyone still needs to wear a face mask, a body temp check-in at the front desk, social distance of 6 feet and always use hand sanitizer or wash your hands in the building per CDC guidelines.  Many of you have inquired and are aware of the postponing of the Testing that we had scheduled for December, we are currently making preparations for a Testing in March.  The extension into March will help students be brought back up to speed and prepare for the testing due to the last interruption of classes.  We will keep everyone informed for the next testing date in March.  We realize students testing for Black Belts are becoming very anxious to test and we apologize.  We hope many of our students have continued to practice forms and techniques to prepare for the testing in March.

Thanks everyone for your patience! 


Click here for Colorado Dial Orders PDF File if you look at page 6 you will find that Gyms/Fitness is included


Thank you!

Tang Soo!!


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